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Moodlighting Hire

Looking for the ultimate way to transform your venue? Well why not use Moodlighting?Moodlighting_colours

Great Party Sounds can provide Mood Lighting for your chosen venue to give it that WOW Factor!

Our Mood Lighting fixtures can output a static colour or cycle through different colours depending on your choice. Not all fixtures have to be set to the same colour, we can set them up to your requirements.

Why hire Moodlighting from us?

We use the latest technology available to give you the best Moodlighting service. Our Moodlighting fixtures are both wireless and battery powered. This means we do not have to run power & DMX cables round your venue in order to uplight it.

Unlike LED Moodlighting available for hire from other companies which use RGB. Moodlighting fixtures from Great Party Sounds are fitted with HEX LEDs, this means they output the following colours: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White and UV (Ultra Violet). This give use a greater ability to mix these colours together to produce colours that are harder to generate using RGB (Red, Green & Blue) LEDs, such as Yellow.

Because all of our Moodlighting fixtures use LED’s, they do not get hot. This makes them very safe to be used round kids. Unlike some Moodlighting fixtures that are available for hire from other companies, which use halogen bulbs and get very hot.

If you are the venue management or provide venue decoration services and wish to resell this service to your client, that’s no problem!.

We welcome venues to resell our Moodlighting service to their clients. We’ll install the lighting for you and remove it at the end of the function.

Our reseller prices are very competitive and we offer some great discounts when hiring our Moodlighting service for multiple functions.

Mood Lighting is also available at a reduced price when you hire our mobile disco service.

For more information on hiring our Moodlighting service, please contact us.

Mood Lighting by Great Party Sounds:


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